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Handmade designs.
All one-of-a-kind, with zero duplicates.
Ethically sourced crystals.

The majority of the pieces I offer feature clear quartz crystal that I personally dug from the earth myself, close to Vancouver!

All items use crystals that are ethically sourced, and all materials are nickel-free, tarnish-resistant and hypoallergenic.

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Chain Sizing Guide
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Milky Local Quartz Graphic Wire-Wrap Necklace

Graphic wire-wrapped local BC Quartz, hand dug by me. Hung on a long silver 32" nickel-free copper alloy chain. One-of-a-kind as usual, but this one is extra unique.

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Quartz Empress Necklace
60.00 67.00

Adjustable nickel-free copper alloy chain, featuring 9 large quartz crystal points!

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Beaded Twin Quartz Choker
45.00 50.00

15" of teal beads, with a beautiful twin quartz pendant. Crystal hangs right in the nook between your collar bones.

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Chunky Brazilian Amethyst Geode Necklace

Wire-wrapped, ethically sourced, Brazilian Amethyst with Cacoxenite inclusions which look like freckles! Hung on a long silver 32" nickel-free copper alloy chain.

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Amethyst Faux Suede Choker

Lovely tumbled chevron amethyst wrapped in silver wire and hung on a 15" faux suede choker. The amethyst pendant generally hangs right in the V between the collar bones. SO cute.

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Rectangular Amethyst Necklace
45.00 49.00

Multiple Brazilian Amethyst points encased in a triangular bezel and hung on sterling silver snake chain.

Amethyst is known as the "Sobriety Stone" as the word itself means "Not Drunk". It promotes emotional stability, inner strength and mental clarity.

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Petite Cluster Local Quartz Necklace

Rectangular petite pendant featuring local BC Quartz, hand dug by me. Hung on a silver 22" nickel-free copper alloy chain. This little baby quartz is a lovely cluster!

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Large Citrine Necklace

Large (about 3 inches long by 1.5 wide) citrine pendant on 36" brown faux suede cord.

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46" Smoky Quartz Bolo Necklace
42.00 49.00

46" Dark Brown Bolo necklace, with silver coated copper wire-wrapped smoky quartz on each end! This necklace can be wrapped, tied, draped- get creative!

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Scenic Rectangular Amethyst Necklace
45.00 49.00

Interesting scenic pendant made up of amethyst geode and amethyst points encased in a triangular bezel and hung on a sterling silver snake chain.

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Also find my works at shops around Vancouver.

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