Fiona Wade


Water, Weeds and Rife - Poem

Water, Weeds and Rife

I will start letting more of my poetry out over time.
Here's something I wrote today, inspired by my health.

Every morning I wake up,
And take inventory of the parts of me that chose to,
Only to move through my day counting footsteps
And spastic laps
Of memories and moods.
My wiring becomes jumbled,
My graceful stride, humbled
When my feet drop and I stall-
As if (hah.)
I act too high
on life,
not succumbed by grey fall drawl.
But I am
And I know
The sickness season settles
down around the springtime months
when seedlings start to show.
The rearing shoots
remind the roots
of me and all of life
What more do we need in this, than
water, weeds and rife.

♥ Fiona