Fiona Wade


Surrealist Urban Landscape Oil Painting Timelapse by Fiona Wade

Oil Painting Timelapse

Surrealist Urban Landscape
by Fiona Wade

My paintings are as much about the layering process as they are about the finished idea, and I like to work quickly with a pallet knife so as to not put too much thought into the direction or placement of my colours or textures.

The above video is a glimpse into how I work.

The beginning of the video shows me starting with a 48x26" canvas which had been previously painted with Liquitex spraypaint. I used this as a guide layer to direct where I put the light/dark tones. I don't always do this, but it worked quite well and amplified my colours. I laid down the first layer of 'black' oil paint as you can see, then let it dry fully before carrying on as shown in this video. At each transition in the video there was a ~1-week drying period between takes.

This video shows approximately 3 hours of speed painting, consolidated.

Next, I just need to add some fine details and tweaks, and it will be ready to sell.


Fiona Wade